Giovanni Costa

Giovanni Costa

Giovanni Costa, born in Piacenza on 24th October 1985, as far back as he can remember has always drawn, trying to copy comics and cartoons. In High School, he attended an art school, Liceo Artistico “B. Cassinari” in Piacenza, then a comic book and illustration school, Scuola del Fumetto in Milan. His biggest influences are early 2000’s Cartoon Network animations, 60’s cartoons and illustrators (like Mary Blair) and all the modern new retro artists. For his work, he uses a Wacom Cintiq, Photoshop and a little bit of Illustrator. Giovanni is always looking for the latest and newest form of the art he loves, such as comic books, illustration and animations, mainstream and underground, to catch a glimpse of inspiration. He‘s also a movie and TV series lover. He likes listening to music while working — any kind of metal and punk to classical music and movie soundtracks. He loves Star Wars. A lot.View Full Bio

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