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Irene Montano

Irene Montano

I'm 28 years old but you wouldn't say that! When I was a child, I was used to saying that I wouldn' t ever become an artist because I was pretty sure it was boring as hell. Nowadays I draw every day and I can't be happier to have been wrong! The path is hot as the sand in August and big dunes are everywhere but when you notice a sign of life in the desert the gift is even more precious. Nothing and everything can inspire me. Since I can remember the warmth of daily life has always been my Muse: breakfasts, the smell of coffee in the morning, children, the rain or sushi... A personal project of mine has been exposed during the show "40 Days around the World". I love body-building and sports nutrition. If I hadn't been an illustrator, I would have been a personal trainer for sure! I have a soft spot for organized places, post-its, and empty spaces in the calendar to fill in. My boyfriend called me "The Cadet"!View Full Bio

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