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Alessandra Fusi

Alessandra Fusi

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Alessandra Fusi was born in Rome in 1984, where she attended the IED Institute of Art and Design, graduating in Illustration and Multimedia Animation in 2006. Since then, she has worked as an illustrator of children’s books, puzzle games and stationery products. As a painter, she has exhibited her work in various solo and collective art shows accross Italy, Europe and the United States. She has a true passion for animation and loves all things illustration, so she's always learning new things, as well as teaching them, through the courses and workshops that she organizes for her cultural association “Imagoblu”, based in Bologna. Currently, she lives and works in Bologna, with her two loved ones: her boyfriend and her chubby ginger cat, Rino. She loves fairytales, tea, music, swing dancing, and cats (of courseVai alla biografia intera

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