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Alida Massari

Alida Massari

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Alida Massari was born in Rome where she qualified in art at the high school and trained in illustration at the “European Institute of Design”. After her studies, she started working in the art field realizing backgrounds and pictorial animations for TV, interactive games, cd rom and cartoons. From 2001 she has been working ,exclusively, as illustrator. She has illustrated more then 60 picture books, including: pop up books, albums, novels, moreover: cards, calendars, games. She is particularly fond of the traditional painting techniques and to have an actual contact with colours and the illustrations. She also uses new digital techniques to bring her work to the forefront of current illustration. She is a lecturer on the Fine Art Painting course at RUFA –Rome University of Fine Art and at Officina B5 a popular art school in RomeVai alla biografia intera

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