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Andrea Rossetto

Andrea Rossetto

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Andrea was born and currently works in Vincenza. He graduated with a Discipline of the arts, music and entertainment from the University of Bologna. Since 2004, he has been working as an illustrator and cartoonist for several publishers. His interest in arts began with cartoons and comics, which led him to his three-dimensional style that is in some cases realistic and in others more cartoon. Over the years he realised his style was more suitable for illustration for children, especially the young sector. He prefers this because it gives him the opportunity to create humorous characters and use bright colours inspired by his favourite cartoons. He loves drawing nature and he loves his job because it is very varied and gives him the chance to experiment. He REALLY loves his job because it allows him to communicate in an essential way through colour and line. He loves his family and walks in the mountain forests with clouds passing you by, and Enya's music while he works. Oh and he also loves good beerVai alla biografia intera

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