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Anuki Lopez

Anuki Lopez

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Ana López is twenty-five years old and studied Fine Arts Grade at the University of Seville in Spain. She has been drawing since she can remember; a notebook and colour pencils were her favourite toys. Once she’d grown up, she studied Art and Graphic Design Art at university. In her final year, she discovered the fantastic world of children illustration and fell in love with it. She loves working and living her life as an illustrator, bringing children illustrations that are full of colour, magic, humour, animals, respect and, of course, love. Since she graduated a year ago, she has been thinking about her own projects, such as "Coco & Cookie" and "The Seven Crows", she has illustrated some book covers, like "Burbuja Espejo" by Carmen M. Lobato (Editorial Seler) and she has written and illustrated a tale for a Movies, Series and Comic event in Seville (SevillaFicción) for more than fifty childrenVai alla biografia intera

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