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Billie Michael

Billie Michael

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Billie discovered her passion for illustration during a fateful exchange year in France, when she broke her leg and was confined to the house with nothing to do. She started drawing and hasn’t looked back since! When she returned to the United States, she enrolled in the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, where she graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. Today, she lives in Queens, New York, and her French is not the best but she’s so happy to have found a career in illustration. As a freelancer, she had the opportunity to work on a range of projects, from children’s books and cover art to surface patterns, stationary, and advertisements. She draws and paints both digitally and traditionally, but her favorite method is to layer watercolor, gouache and colored pencil to create richly textured illustrations that are full of color, pattern and personality.Vai alla biografia intera

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