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Chellie Carroll

Chellie Carroll

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Ever since being able to hold chunky crayons and deface her bedroom walls with them, Chellie has loved to draw. After studying Applied Arts at the University of Derby and a brief spell working as a designer within the retail industry, Chellie turned to Illustration and hasn’t looked back. Chellie enjoys experimenting with mixed media and is increasingly rediscovering pens, pencils and paint and incorporating these with her detailed computer-based vector line work. She enjoys creating intricate patterns and striking compositions with elegant, flowing lines. Chellie now lives in the Peak District with her partner and two children, working from her home studio, where she is surrounded by the beautiful, inspirational countryside and a plentiful supply of tea and biscuitsVai alla biografia intera

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Feb 14 2022

Abbiamo incontrato le nostre artiste, Danielle Arrington, Chellie Carroll, Sawyer Cloud e Simone Douglas, per scoprire cosa significa per loro il Black History Month, come ispira e influenza il loro lavoro e perché ritengono che la rappresentazione sia co