Mike Byrne illustrates 'Kyle Keeps Track of Cash' and 'Brody Borrows Money'! Jul 02 2013

Samples and spotted

According to those wise head over at Cloverleaf books, it's never too early to start learning about managing your money and Mike Byrne has been helping them to illustrate their point! The very talented Mr. Byrne's artwork features in Cloverleaf's sweet yet informative titles 'Kyle Keeps Track of Cash' and 'Brody Borrows Money', as part of their Money Basics series. Mike Byrne's characteristically fun, colourful and accomplished illustrations bring the characters to life, as they learn the ins and outs of personal finance in the playground. But judging from the interest they stirred in the Advocate Art office, these tricks are clearly not just for kids! To see more work children's book illustrations from Mike Byrne, click on his name or visit his portfolio in the 0-5 section of our website.