Artists Feature - James Lent Jul 28 2014

Meet the artists

Today, we are thrilled to present the work of James Lent - one of a few exciting newly-signed book artists we mentioned earlier. We love the humour of his artwork! He has a great ability to mix digital illustration with hand-drawn marks to create quirky and loveable characters that really bring stories to life. If you travel to the deepest depths of my brain, there is a little section you will find called The Creation Chamber. In here is where all of the magical and mysterious creations are made. I see things differently; I see life through a pencil. I was born in 1986 and now live in a little hobbit hole in East Yorkshire. Well, it is more like your normal standard house but as a massive Tolkien fan, I like to think otherwise. I live there with my wife and my son who both engage with my madness (or just put up with it) but they are both truly an inspiration to my life and my art. I am a self-taught artist who transformed a childhood hobby into a love and passion after growing up with many magical tales by the likes of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, and in my later years, the fantastical worlds of Middle Earth and Hogwarts. I am very versatile and my style of work appeals to a wide range of ages. I create a style of art which I describe as being simple but striking and I use my imagination and creativity to bring a picture to life and target the intended audience. So there it is, I resemble a hobbit and I'm nuts about illustration (some people think I am genuinely crazy) but if you come aboard for the ride, I promise you won't be disappointed.