New samples from KJS Industries Jul 24 2017

Samples and spotted

Here at Advocate Art we love getting samples to our offices - we also love blogging about the and sending them along to our artists! Recently when we visited our client Burgoyne (KJS Industries) in Atlanta we received the lovely mock up cards shown above. Although not yet on the shelves, you'll be able to spot them in retail locations around the USA soon! They feature glitter treatments, googly eyes, mock bunting, matching envelopes - you name it, these cards have it! The toucan card was illustrated by our own Katie Saunders, the baby card by Nicola Evans and the thank you card by Jasperella Apple. Interested in seeing more? Be sure the visit the artist's Advocate folios by clicking their names linked above, and as always keep your eyes peeled for when these cards hit the shelves!