Throwback Thursday - Hannah Wood! Mar 28 2019

Meet the artists

Throwback Thursday is back again and today we look back at the wonderful Hannah Wood's journey with Advocate-Art. Hannah has been proudly represented by Advocate-Art for an impressive 20 YEARS! Hannah's one of our most versatile and diverse artists, whose style has not only evolved over the years, but she has continued to also surprise us with her contemporary illustrations too. 

Her quirky characters, vibrant colour palettes, and adventurous story ideas make her illustration burst full of life, making her artwork suitable for children's publishing. Her style is particularly great for the younger ages, appealing mostly to readers aged 0-5. It doesn't stop there with this talented artist! Hannah's style has been equally popular for greetings card illustrations too, particularly for juvenile Christmas and contemporary Christmas designs. 

We asked to share with us some of her most early experiences with Advocate. Have a read through the Q&A below and enjoy her throwback pictures. If you'd like to see more of Hannah's extensive portfolio, click through to visit her online portfolio, or get in touch with an agent to arrange a meeting to see more!

1) First Image you sent to Advocate, and was there a story behind it?
The first piece I sent to Advocate was this one of owls - I wanted to showcase my cute characters and the depth of colour you can achieve with acrylics!

2) First design of yours to sell - what design was it and who was it to?
A Christmas card for America

3) First live commission from a client; who was the client and what was the project?
Another Christmas card – this time for Noel Tatt

4) First time you knew you wanted to be an Illustrator - an image, a person, an exhibition etc..?
I would like to say my inspiration was something highbrow, but it was really the pen and ink drawings of my favourite comic as a kid in the far off seventies.

5) First Sample you received with your designs on - do you have a picture of it and tell us about the project..
The first sample was for this from Marks and Spencer, and when I saw it in the shops I squealed like a pig!

6) First time you were proud of a piece of artwork, what was it and why?
I have been proud of most things I have done, but the reaction to this one for Miles Kelly from the children who played with it was uplifting. 

7) Back to the Present - what are you working on now?
An exciting series of Spanish books highlighting famous historical figures - always good to step away for a while from the cute!