New LaB Idea - Sarah Lawrence Aug 25 2019

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Here at Advocate Art, we love author-illustrator book ideas, and Sarah Lawrence’s new title "Witch with an Itch" is a perfect example of the magic that can happen when an illustrator decides to switch out their paintbrush for a pen! Developed by our sister agency Collaborate, this delightful story will capture the attention (and giggles!) of young readers. An excerpt from "Witch with an Itch" below will show you just how funny this story is:

In a faraway land, in an old wooden shack,

Lived a good little witch and her cat, who was black.

The witch could cast any spell that she chose, She had no wand – she just wiggled her nose…

...One day in the forest, while smelling a rose, The witch felt an itch at the end of her nose…

...Then the witch sneezed – “Ah, ah, ah-choooo!”

And her little black cat turned from black to bright blue!

“Meow!” Said the cat. “Oh dear!” Said the witch.

But the itch was still there and it made her nose twitch.

This humorous story follows a witch with a magic nose; it causes some mishaps when she suffers from a tickly, itchy nose. Luckily her animals friends are there to help fix everything! "Witch with an Itch" follows a delightful rhyming pattern, and children will come back to this story time and time again. Sarah was inspired by her own struggles with sneezes - she has hay fever every summer and got the idea for "Witch with an Itch" from her own tickly, itchy nose and constant sneezing! She really enjoys reading rhyming texts aloud, particularly the way children like to guess which rhyming word comes next as you’re reading - she also made sure to have some repeating verse to help the pace. Sarah worked on writing the story on and off over this past year, with tons of trial and error and revisions - she wanted to make sure the story was absolutely perfect, and the narrative is very dear to her; more than anything she really enjoyed bringing her characters to life with the artwork.

Sarah’s comical characters, engaging rhymes and amusing story make "Witch with an Itch" a perfect fit for picture books and children’s publishers, especially picture books geared towards children aged 0-5. Do you want to learn more about this story? Email our talented artist agents today to get the scoop! You can additionally view more of Sarah’s engaging artwork on her online Advocate portfolio. If you’d like to see more from "Witch with an Itch", scroll through above.

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