London Book Fair 2024! Mar 19 2024


Another year begins and another fair under our belts... and what a belter it was!

London Book Fair 2024 saw the UK agents assemble from the five corners of the country for 3 days of jam packed client and artist meetings. Fueled by our fantastic, fresh folio’s, an illustrative twinkle in our eye and a grande coffee or two!

A few take away’s from the team: Across the board we saw a continued interest and championing of artist/author heritage with a particular interest in representing stories from diverse and unique backgrounds - from voices in the Welsh valleys to heritage tales from China. We’ve seen a continued growth in interest in Graphic Novels and Comics with many publishers beginning to find their feet and looking to step the arena for the first time. Styles with a more traditional approach were also having lot of attention - collage, painting, texture, mark-making - the ‘timeless’ and tactile! Perhaps a backlash to our digital age? Tales of ghosts, ghouls, aliens, folktales and mythical creatures were all lurking in the shadows too…Beware the unknown!

Our biggest take-away though was, of course, seeing Ela Smietanka's “Mula”, life-size and rubbing shoulders with absolute children’s books titan’s, Elmer and The Gruffalo! We’re in good company! Bonus points if you spied a particularly exciting poster for a title in Little People Big Dreams series from our aritist Borghild Marie-Fallberg over on the Quarto stand... one for the Swifities out there!

Here's to next year!

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