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Danielle Arrington

Danielle Arrington

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Danielle Arrington is an illustrator and designer working from her home studio in coastal Virginia. Having always had a passion for the arts, she studied at Old Dominion University, graduating with a BFA in drawing and design in 2014. After spending time as a graphic designer, she’s turned her focus to her true passion; a career in illustration. Danielle enjoys creating diverse characters and strong girls; something she didn’t see enough of growing up. Her art features soft colors, textures, and positive vibes. When she’s not drawing, she’s usually on an adventure, or curled up on the couch with a book and latteVai alla biografia intera

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Black History Month - Conosci gli artisti

Feb 14 2022

Abbiamo incontrato le nostre artiste, Danielle Arrington, Chellie Carroll, Sawyer Cloud e Simone Douglas, per scoprire cosa significa per loro il Black History Month, come ispira e influenza il loro lavoro e perché ritengono che la rappresentazione sia co