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Darshika Varma

Darshika Varma

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Born and raised amidst the clamour of Mumbai, I always coveted the serenity of the countryside. With a natural preference for furry creatures over people, I was always a dreamer with a deep passion for reading and a natural affinity for colours. Realizing early on that I was a misfit in my family of engineers and accountants, I rebelled and chose to follow my dreams. I pursued BFA in Applied Arts at Rachana Sansad in Mumbai. My career started off as a designer in digital marketing, from where I moved on to designing wedding invitations and eventually found my true calling as a children's illustrator. I’m usually found curled up in a corner poring over a book, sniffing in the scent of inked pages, drawing inspiration from the fantasy world and bringing those vivid imaginations to life in my own unique style through illustrationsVai alla biografia intera

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Artist Day - Luglio 2022

Jul 12 2022

Questa settimana si è tenuto il Summer Artist Day, durante il quale gli agenti hanno trascorso la giornata a contatto con i nostri meravigliosi artisti dell'illustrazione, come ad esempio Erin Brown, Joanne Cave e Morena Forza. Oltre a conoscere alcune fa