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Emiliano Migliardo

Emiliano Migliardo

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Emilano Migliardo is a cartoon illustrator, a career that he knew he would want to pursue ever since his childhood days of watching cartoons. His favourite shows were The Pink Panther, The Three Stooges and The Simpsons, along with others. In addition to cartoons, he was and still is inspired by the drawings of Robert Crumb, Matt Groening, Shultz and Don Martin. Emiliano feels that his style generally reflects his personality: his work tends to be neat, well defined, fun and colourful. He has worked for many publishers; Igloo books, Bloomsbury, QED publishing, Editions Caramel, Klutz, Pearson Australia, etc. He lives in Buenos Aires, but plans to move to Spain next year with his familyVai alla biografia intera

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