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Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

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Gareth was born in Hillingdon, West London, but ventured (when he was two) to the green valleys of South Wales. At an early age he loved to draw. He quickly realised that his dream of becoming the first Welsh astronaut would be sidelined by his creative abilities and talents (but he still secretly wishes he could have rocketed into Space). Gareth studied Illustration at Swansea Metropolitan and went on to work with leading stationery and greeting cards companies. Now he is looking to develop his freelance career. His work has a strong illustrative influence, with lots of textures and layers to create a hand drawn style. He also loves letterpress and screen printing. He frequently visits art exhibitions and finds himself wandering around the galleries with his sketchbook then getting back to his computer, putting his play-list on shuffle, opening up his sketchbook and exploring new techniques and ideasVai alla biografia intera

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Feb 25 2021

Educa Borrás ci ha incontrato a Barcellona il 13 marzo 2020, il giorno prima che il governo spagnolo annunciasse il blocco in Spagna fino a giugno 2020 a causa della pandemia di Covid19.