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Juanita Londoño-Gaviria

Juanita Londoño-Gaviria

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She was born in Colombia, and has always lived in a house up in a hill amidst the mountains, surrounded by nature, birds and flowers. She has never quite liked staying in one place, so she travels around satisfying that drive of learning from new cultures and trying new food. She believes that what led her to illustration was bedtime stories. She wouldn’t go to sleep if her parents didn’t read from a storybook. She studied fashion design in her hometown, Medellín, and graduated in Concept Art from Vancouver Film School in 2018 and has been freelancing as an illustrator and a textile designer since then.Vai alla biografia intera

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Illustrazioni per la Festa Internazionale della Donna

Mar 08 2021

Oggi è la Giornata Internazionale della Donna e abbiamo selezionato alcuni pezzi dei nostri brillanti illustratori per celebrare le donne e la loro femminilità.