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Lidia Fernandez

Lidia Fernandez

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Hi! My name is Lidia Fernández Abril, a freelance illustrator from Spain. I live in Valladolid (a nice small university city) with my family, including my beautiful cat,Tigerlily. My passion is drawing, creating stories, characters, but also swimming, books and movies! I started my professional career as an inbetweener and clean Up artist, and as Storyboard artist, on different Animation Studios. Presently I'm focused on illustrating children books - recently I´ve illustrated the books series " Supermask", and "Upside down Magic" for the Spanish public -but also I´m working on designing characters and backgrounds for kids games. I love all the process of developing a story, whether is for a children book, design of toys, comic, movie or game, this is why I try to learn as much as possible on every project I approach. But what I enjoy most of my work is that allow me to preserve my inner child and keep always drawing!Vai alla biografia intera

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Artist Day - Luglio 2022

Jul 12 2022

Questa settimana si è tenuto il Summer Artist Day, durante il quale gli agenti hanno trascorso la giornata a contatto con i nostri meravigliosi artisti dell'illustrazione, come ad esempio Erin Brown, Joanne Cave e Morena Forza. Oltre a conoscere alcune fa