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Marcela Calderón

Marcela Calderón

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Marcela is a children's book illustrator and has been freelancer for many years. She grew up in San Nicolás, Argentina, surrounded by streams, trees, nature and pets that were her inspiration. She has always drawn. For years, she was devoted to music, playing the flute and studying it until her passion for illustration grew. Today, music is part of each drawing, accompanying her in the creative process. Marcela likes the smell of graphite, the scent of wood pencils, the sound of chalk soaring through the paper, the texture of the acrylic, the feel of the eraser, the mixture of colours being born in the palette and the brightness of a new white sheet, although she uses her graphic tablet too much to paint. Basically, Marcela loves to draw. When she‘s not drawing, she enjoys going out on her mountain bike through the fields nearby, where she feels free and happyVai alla biografia intera

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Apr 12 2021