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Max Rambaldi

Max Rambaldi

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I'm Max Rambaldi. The first gift my parents gave me has been a pile of sheets along with a yellow pencil, and in some way I think I just never stopped to be that curious little girl, hungry of blank space to fill with her own words and strokes. I remember my childhood surrounded by cats, that I stubbornly include in my artworks when I can. Despite the sun of Italy I'm mostly a vampire person, and I really feel at home when I move in the impalpable world behind the screen. I draw mostly with my graphic tablet, but I miss the freshness of watercolors and the mellowness of the acrylics, so I try to incorporate them in my art using my own textured brushes. What I love the most? Scientific children books. They make me feel that colors can change the futureVai alla biografia intera

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All Moms - il libro di Max Rambaldi sul Today Show!

Jun 08 2022

Co-autrici e sposate, Ellis - executive a GLAAD executive - and Ellis-Henderson - una musicista - offrono una visione allargata della maternità in questo elegante omaggio. Le illustrazioni di Max sono in linea con l'energia della prosa in rima del testo,