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Miguel Diaz Rivas

Miguel Diaz Rivas

Sono molto impegnato, chiedi al mio agente di controllare.
Miguel was born in a small town in the south of Spain, called Cabra. At the age of 18 he moved to Seville to study Media and Communications. He learned how to use the audioviusal language to tell stories and how the media field works. When he finished college he moved to the UK. He lived in London for almost two years and studied Illustration at the Central Saint Martin's School of Art. After that he moved to Madrid, where he lives now, and studied Illustration and Animation at E.S.D.I.P. Nowadays Miguel works as a freelance artist for educational books publishing and contributes to advertising agencies, making illustrations and animations. He mainly does cartoon illustrations, but likes to try different things. He also makes limited animations with after effects and drawing comics. He loves trying new things and challenging himselfVai alla biografia intera

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L'illustratore del mese: Miguel Diaz Rivas

Jun 13 2022

"All'inizio della mia carriera mi occupavo solo di libri educativi: fare fumetti era ancora un sogno. Ma grazie ai miei agenti dell'Advocate, quella cosa impossibile, il mio sogno d'infanzia, è diventato reale! Oggi lavoro soprattutto come fumettista per