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Mona Meslier Menuau

Mona Meslier Menuau

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Mona is a French, full-time freelance artist, illustrator and designer living in Nantes, France, with her man and their cat, Michelle. Mona was born and raised in an artistic environment, with a painter and a musician for parents, and it must have given her a hint as to my career path! However, the real trigger for her was animation, which has amazed her since she was a kid. It is now a real passion and a main inspiration for her work. Entirely self-taught, she refines her skills through a lot of practice and observation. She also finds inspiration in many of her favourite artists such as Tove Jansson, Glen and Claire Keane, Hayao Miyazaki, Paul Grimault, Claude Ponti and Mary Blair. Mona enjoys poetic, dreamlike scenarios and creating vivid characters. Her ultimate goal is to give life to stories through her artVai alla biografia intera

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Illustrazioni per la Festa Internazionale della Donna

Mar 08 2021

Oggi è la Giornata Internazionale della Donna e abbiamo selezionato alcuni pezzi dei nostri brillanti illustratori per celebrare le donne e la loro femminilità.