Monica Armino

Monica Armino

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Monica Armiño is a Spanish freelance illustrator. She graduated in Fine Arts and is based in Madrid, with an extensive knowledge of both digital and traditional techniques. She is able to draw in many different styles and she loves to experiment with light, color and textures. She has been always interested in focusing her career on children illustration and cartoons, and she has published several books with various publishers and agencies in Europe and USA. She also works for the animation industry as a character designer, background artist and color and texture artist, for feature films and pre-school TV series, like the winning-award “Puffin Rock” (Cartoon Saloon/ Dog Ears/ Penguin books) and the popular Spanish cartoon “Pocoyo” (Zinkia Entertainment).Vai alla biografia intera

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Jamie Oliver - Billy e l'Avventura Gigante

Nov 17 2022

Un applauso alla nostra fantastica illustratrice Monica Armino per il suo lavoro su Billy and the Giant Adventure, il primo