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Natalie Merheb

Natalie Merheb

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I was born one snowy wintery night in the far north of the United States. As I child, I spent most of my time coloring and painting. Following in the footsteps of many artists in my family, I studied fine art at university. For several years I worked in graphic design, but after the birth of my twin daughters, I began illustrating digitally. As my skill and passion for it grew, so did my dream of becoming of children’s book illustrator. I love illustrating nature, animals and recreations of classics. Even though my north woods wintery beginning inspires a lot of my artwork, I now live in Dubai, a city of perpetual heat and sun, with my husband and daughters. When I’m not illustrating, you might find me horseback riding in the desert, trying a new recipe out in my kitchen or at the beach with my familyVai alla biografia intera

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Nov 19 2021

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