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Ophélie Honey

Ophélie Honey

Sono abbastanza libero, mi piacerebbe conoscere il tuo progetto.
Hello ! My name is Ophélie, I’m a French illustrator and I was born in Guatemala. I live and I grew up, in the city of wine, Bordeaux in France. I illustrate characters and little cats through several worlds and universes. I’m inspired by nature, childhood and dreamlike worlds. I love the presence of nature in Ghibli's animations, and I love the beautiful stories from Pixar’s studios. I always drawn during my life, I’ve choose artistic studies, and one day, I’ve made an internship when I was at the university, with an independent illustrator Lola Draloug, she makes me discovered the illustrator profession, and I just had a click ! I wanted to do that too ! So, after my degree, I’ve became a freelance illustrator ! I work with publishing houses, children's books, but I love to work on personal commissions too. I love colors and I try to create soft and colorful illustrations. Digital drawing is my biggest media, but I like work with watercolors, serigraphy or linocut, sometimes. I have two beloved cats, Phoebus and Gaïa , but I dream to have a Shiba Inu !! I like watching a lot of movies and animations, I love listening music all day when I work: classical, rock, pop, rap, Disney songs. Yes always ! I play piano when I have time, I love to sing and to dance too :) Hope you will enjoy my universeVai alla biografia intera

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Ho, ho, ho! Scopriamo insieme l’evoluzione di Babbo Natale negli anni!

Oct 11 2021

Advocate rappresenta i migliori artisti del mondo specializzati in illustrazioni di Babbo Natale. Abbiamo visto l'evoluzione di questo amatissimo personaggio negli corso dei decenni in tutte le sue sfumature, soprattutto nelle pubblicità! Babbo Natale si