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Pipi Sposito

Pipi Sposito

Sono abbastanza libero, mi piacerebbe conoscere il tuo progetto.
Pipi was born in Buenos Aires in the fabulous 60’s and has always drawn. As a little child, he used to make plasticine figures too. He took them along to school as a hobby and at the age of 19 he found out he could earn a living by drawing. Pipi started designing humor magazines and was surrounded by the original drawings of many experimented artists. At the same time, he was encouraged to publish his own works. His curiosity lead him from then onwards. Pipi's drawings are usually funny and expressive. He develops cartoons and children illustration in different artistic styles, and also 3D figures and puppets. He does some caricaturing as well, and he has done character design for animation, key animation and layouts. Pipi listens to music when he works. He loves Zappa, Bowie, Queen and he is fond of Progressive RockVai alla biografia intera

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L'eccentrica versione di Pipi Sposito della serie di Dickens per Sweet Cherry!

Jan 15 2021

I suoi classici adattati sono perfetti per bambini dai 7 anni in su, ma perché attribuire un'età?! Andate sul sito di Sweet Cherry per accaparrarvi la serie!