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Sarah Grateley

Sarah Grateley

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Sarah was born in 1976 (the hottest summer on record!), and still lives in her home town of Stafford, UK. Her dad used to tell her she had definitely gained her artistic talents from him, but he never drew anything to prove that! Her love of doodling led her to study Illustration at The University of Central England, graduating in 1998 with a BA (First class) Honours degree and a passion for illustrating, particularly with children in mind. Her artwork usually features cute characters, happy colours and charming scenery. She likes to mix vector based drawings with hand done textured motifs or line work to add some interest and liveliness to her illustrations. In addition to illustrating, Sarah also paints murals in schools, shops and other settings, loving the opportunity to draw on a huge scale! She’s a mum of two amazing children, loves coffee, chocolate and running (in that order.Vai alla biografia intera

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Artist Day - Luglio 2022

Jul 12 2022

Questa settimana si è tenuto il Summer Artist Day, durante il quale gli agenti hanno trascorso la giornata a contatto con i nostri meravigliosi artisti dell'illustrazione, come ad esempio Erin Brown, Joanne Cave e Morena Forza. Oltre a conoscere alcune fa