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Sharon Montgomery

Sharon Montgomery

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Sharon Montgomery is an artist and illustrator from Victoria, Canada. She has a passion for paint, colour, texture and interior design. Sharon makes art for the beautiful spaces you live in and for the people you love. She believes art elevates your mood, your living space, your life. Beauty makes you smile. Sharon’s work is heavily influenced by all things beautiful and tactile. She loves animals, flowers, traditional textile arts and the allure of the handmade object. Sharon has a background in Visual Art and Graphic Design. Her art has appeared on textiles, ceramics, paper napkins, greeting cards and book covers and is held in private collections across North America. She enjoys teaching art to adults and exhibits her original paintings as often as she can. When not creating art, Sharon can be found wrangling her kids, running through the woods with her dogs and getting her hands dirty in the gardenVai alla biografia intera

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Nov 19 2021

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