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Steven Wood

Steven Wood

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Steven lives in North London and works from a little studio in his house. While most of his time is spent spying on the neighbourhood cats and trying to lure them into his house, he does love to doodle. When drawing, Steven‘s main focus is always the cast of characters that brings life and movement to the picture. He loves to emphasise subtle humour, taking influence from the adventure stories he loved as a child. Whether that’s tales of pirates and sunken treasure, cowboys, knights and dragons, or classic murder mystery stories, they all shape the pictures he loves to draw. When not working, Steven‘s favourite hobby is stealing biscuits from his girlfriend and blaming the ‘house mouse’. “I promise there really is a mouse in our house that has an unstoppable biscuit addiction… I’m trying to get him help.” Steven loves sport too. “Yay, sports-ballVai alla biografia intera

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Recensione dell'artista - Steven Wood

Mar 24 2022

Questo mese vogliamo mettere in risalto il grande portfolio dell'illustratore Steven Wood! Essendo un illustratore da oltre 10 anni, Steve è stato in grado di lavorare su una vasta gamma di prodotti tra cui: libri da tavolo, puzzle, libri di attività, lib