Sarah Horne: Featured Artist Feb 21 2011

Meet the artists

Advocate-Art's featured artists of the month is Sarah Horne.  Sarah Horne specialises in illustration for children.  Recently Sarah has been producing some exciting advertising work for Kew Gardens.  One of her most recent books Rhino? What Rhino? has been shortlisted for the Sheffield children's book award. Here is a little bit more about Sarah. Sarah was born in Stockport  Cheshire in 1979. She grew up in Buxton, Derbyshire  which had a big influence on her. She now lives in South East London working from Happiness at Work Studios in Wapping. Sarah’s creative brother, artistic grandmother and supportive parents were big childhood influences that led her in to the world of art and design. Sarah studied at Falmouth College of Arts and Kingston University. When asked about what drives her she said: I love the power of an image. The way it can communicate beyond the written word, bypassing our heads. The way images can stand alone, or simply enhance or add a new and fresh angle to text. Images for me, are incredibly exciting and I think, on a larger scale, very important to culture/society. On the other hand, a good cup of coffee will also keep me going… oh and maybe a bourbon biscuit. Sarah's illustration style combines dip pen and Indian ink with found texture and colour that is added digitally. Sarah has  done work for Kew Gardens  on their autumn campaign called ‘PLANTastic play’ ,and her Picture book  'Rhino? What Rhino' published by Hodder was recently read on Cbeebies lunchtime stories. Sarah is also a member of the Association of illustrators.