St. George's Day! Apr 23 2013


Sound the trumpets! It's St. George's Day! Today's a great day to be English (and British of course). Here at Advocate we've come over all patriotic and have pulled up some of the most English-centric images we can find from some of our lovely art licensing illustrators; flags, tea, fish and chips, black cabs, and Remembrance Day poppies. We've even found an Old English sheepdog by Simon Mendez! The works of art below are by Yunhee Park, Jeannine Rundle, James Rowland, Katy Heaser, Simon Mendez, Emma Davis, Ileana Oakley, and Uwe Merkel. To see more artwork for art licensing or any other areas by these artists, click on their names above or visit their online portfolios on our website.