Pope Twins Samples! Nov 14 2014

Samples and spotted

What is better than a talented artist? Two of them of course! Liz and Kate Pope are working in tandem to create their amazing collaged pieces that appeal to art licensing, greeting card and publishing clients alike!

Here is a perfect example of how their designs work when applied to a product. Girls received some fantastic samples all the way from Glottogon in Australia. Bright and colourful, they carry through twins' signature style. Here is a couple of words from Liz & Kate about working on this project:

 When asked to create a whole bunch of garden animals, with a retro colour palette, we knew this brief was right up our street. We scribbled down a big list of creatures and then the characters almost jumped out as we started to sketch! So pleased with the finished product, it has such a nostalgic feel! 

Check out their fantastic portfolio here.