Artist Feature - Pope Twins Dec 10 2014

Meet the artists

Today our artist feature post packs in twice the talent with our two terrific twin illustrators (try saying that three times fast!), Liz and Kate Pope! Their portfolio is instantly recognisable through their fun and playful style, quirky collages and bright popping colours. Their work is very versatile too! From children's illustrations to greeting cards, art licensing to fine art, they can make anything look good. To see more of their work, head over to their online portfolio!

The Pope Twins, Liz and Kate Pope born and raised in Derbyshire, now live on opposite sides of Chesterfield. After both gaining first-class degrees in Surface Pattern from Staffordshire University, Liz and Kate began their careers as professional greeting card and book illustrators, working together to create their signature colorful and collaged style.

Liz describes herself as the illustrator of the team, sketching out designs which she then gives to Kate to work up in paint, collage and patterned paper. This mixture of illustration and design gives their charming art-works a sense of vibrancy, movement and eclecticism.

When they’re not drawing, Liz and Kate like to scour charity shops for bargains, ensuring their personal styles are just as individual as there art work!