Artists Paco Sordo and Jon Davis featured in Publishers Weekly! Aug 02 2017

Samples and spotted

Advocate Art is pleased to announce that two of our incredible artists, Jon Davis and Paco Sordo, have recently been featured in Publishers Weekly along with one of our very own artist agents, Kate Johnson!

The Knish War on Rivington Street, written by Joanne Oppenheim and illustrated by our fantastic artist, Jon Davis, is a riveting tale of two rivaling knisheries.  In the midst of all the hot competition can these two families realize there’s room for two knisheries in the neighborhood? Publishers Weekly says Jon Davis’s “crisp-line cartooning makes the cacophony and comic high anxiety of the neighborhood downright appetizing.” Check out the full article here

Also, The Tales of Sasha series, written by Alexa Pearl and illustrated by our wonderful artist, Paco Sordo, was recently featured in Publishers Weekly!  This quirky, adventurous series about a horse who sprouts a set of wings is beautifully illustrated in black and white artwork. The Sasha Tales series is perfect for young readers, ages 6-8.  According to Publishers Weekly, Paco Sordo's work "has a fresh, cartoony look that feels squarely aimed at fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."  To see the full article, visit Publishers Weekly website!

If you are interested in purchasing either The Knish War on Rivington Street or any of the books from The Tales of Sasha series, they are now available on Amazon!