New Licensing Portfolios!! Jul 03 2019

Licensing Trends

Here at Advocate, we not only pride ourselves on our amazing, diverse artists but also on the amazing available art that they create. In the fast-paced world of creativity, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends, by continuously presenting new and fresh designs. Twice a year, we brief all of our talented artists on the latest trends of licensing.  Most recently, we have briefed them on the top trends for our Everyday and Christmas portfolios. This means that as our clients, you are first in line to access this plethora of amazing available art that has been created just for you! 

We pull together image references and group them together to build a theme of our own. Based on these external references we create mood boards that are sent to our artists to inspire them to create new work. We also look to you, our clients, to know what you are looking for and to make sure that we can satisfy your needs. 

From all these sources of inspiration, we then brief our artists against their strongest pieces, to make sure that they are constantly growing, evolving and developing their art and portfolios in the right direction. 

Our agents are currently planning their trips for the upcoming months, so please get in touch with us to organise a meeting. This would be a fantastic opportunity to show you our latest portfolios full of brand new art that can be applied to a plethora of products ranging from puzzles, wrapping paper and greeting cards.