New Signing Angela Wong Oct 04 2019

Meet the artists

This week we’ve had another great signing to the Advocate roster! We are happy to debut another new artist, Angela Wong, who has recently joined our agency. Angela currently lives in Malaysia with her three cats. She is influenced by her natural surroundings that brings to life her beautiful atmospheric illustrations. Her work is perfect for Children's Publishing, especially for young readers ages 0-5

If you have an upcoming project that you think Angela would be a perfect fit for, please reach out and get in touch with us! To learn more about Angela read her biography below:

“Her real name is Angela but everyone knows her as Bluebean. She lives in Malaysia where the sun and rain are constant extremes. Angela worked as a concept designer before she found her love for illustrations and stories. Drawing nature and creatures with tiny paws using vibrant and fun colours always brings her comfort. She is mostly influenced by her surroundings and loves to get lost in nature every now and then. Angela has worked for books, fashion, music albums, games and advertisements. While she spends most of her time creating she also enjoys going out to eat and attend social events. Angela loves good movies, music and is a huge book lover! She used to be scared of cats but she conquered her fear and now lives with 3 fur balls.”