The Whisper of Nature, An Atmospheric Book for Magellan Oct 16 2022

Samples and spotted

"Das Flüstern der Natur" or in English "The Whisper of Nature" is a nonfiction book that our great illustrator Marc Pattenden illustrated for one of our biggest German clients, Magellan, and was recently launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022.

Magellan says that this book is an experiential walk through nature, through multiple enclaves from the mountains to the nature closest to our homes. The book invites readers to step away from the hectic life in which we are immersed, to take a pause and take a deep breath, and to be aware of what surrounds us. 

Marc Pattenden has recreated nine different habitats in an exceptional way. Forests, meadows, lakes, rivers, seas, mountains, cities, parks, and gardens fill this book which is accompanied by nonfiction text about nature that is super poetic. The words and the illustrations match perfectly. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about this artist or any other artist for your next natural science project.

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