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Evelline Andrya

Evelline Andrya

Evelline was born in Sumatra, Indonesia, in 1984. She grew up with mix cultures, Chinese and Javanese. She was influenced by vintage greeting cards that she found at her grandma’s drawer, comic books, vintage picture books, and animated movies. She graduated from an academy of art and design in 2006, and got her first illustration job at CosmoGirl! Indonesia magazine in 2007. Evelline started her freelance career in 2010. Since then, she has illustrated more than 35 children’s books. Her illustration style is a mix of traditional medium and digital collage. She loves how her acrylic brushstrokes create unique textures for her digital illustrations. In her spare time, Evelline loves to create paintings with acrylics and watching behind the scenes of stop motion animated movies.全ての自己紹介を見る


May 05 2021