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Facundo Aguirre

Facundo Aguirre

Facundo Aguirre is an illustrator from Quilmes, Argentina. He originally earned his degree in public accounting and spent time in Buenos Aires in the world of economics. After four years as a credit analyst, Facundo made the life-changing decision to move to New Zealand in search of new experiences. This is when he first discovered his passion for drawing. It became his sanctuary and his source of calmness. Facundo finds great joy in sketching with black ink and creating intricate illustrations with an abundance of details. His illustration influences include Martín Hanford, Sole Otero, Thé Tjong-Khing, and Mattias Adolfsson, among many others. Facundo currently lives and works in Brussels, where he also collaborates with a fellow illustrator to organize weekly gatherings for artists called “Artist Coworking”.全ての自己紹介を見る


Apr 19 2024