Hans Paus

Hans Paus

The self-taught Dutch artist Hans Paus (1959) is a passionate modern artist, born and still living in the small village “Losser” nearby the German border. The ancient landscape of his native soil, the region Twente and coastal landscapes are beside the impresssions of his travels, a great source of inspiration. His palette-knife paintings unveil a neo-impressionistic style. He developed a recognizable handwriting in which the principal aim is to catch and intensify atmosphere in light and colour. Hans Paus gets as much as possible out of his themes and gives a contemporary twist to the traditional impressionistic remembrance. Sparkling, vivid colours and efficient light-effects provide a pictorial spectacle. Although well-considered painted in thick layers and in a “wet in wet” technique, the artist succeeds in giving the impression of a smoothly set up painting. During the process the artist strays off the reality gradually but the abstractions are never so far carried through that they cause a break between the original source and the new created image. The art of Hans Paus is characterized by his striving for poetic impressions. Optimism and “lust for life” are keywords in his works. Hans Paus had exhibitions in many countries. His original paintings and limited editions are sold all over the world. Music is also a great passion. Listening to other artists but also composing, playing and recording “epic” pieces written by himself.View Full Bio

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