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Michelle Simpson

Michelle Simpson

Michelle Simpson is Canadian born and grew up in the forests of Niagara Falls Ontario. She is heavily inspired by nature and mythical folktales. Michelle uses a combination of digital and traditional media for her art. Michelle graduated from Sheridan Collage with a BAA in Illustration, she is now a full-time freelancer and works with KeyFrame Digital Productions; where she creates artwork for children’s television shows such as: Tee and Mo, and Season 2 of Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate. She also wrote and illustrated the children’s book Monsters In My House, and illustrated Hanukkah Harvie Vs. Santa Claus by David Michael Slater & Published by Library Tales Publishing. In her spare time, Michelle likes to garden, go for forest walks, and annoy her cats Sushi and Mr.Pounce with endless amounts of love.View Full Bio

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