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Neha Rawat

Neha Rawat

Coming from a family of doctors and engineers, and growing up in a small industrial city of India, Neha never considered art as a possible career choice, even though she had loved drawing as a child. Like most people around her, she earned a degree in engineering and started an independent life as a software professional. This continued for 5 years before she allowed herself to indulge in the dreamlike possibilities of an art-based profession. Neha launched her freelancing journey of creating custom illustrations, comics, and merchandise. She discovered her love for storytelling and refined her skills by joining SVSLearn and has grown to love children's content. Her art can be described as cute, lively, colorful, and deep. In her spare time, Neha can be found petting dogs, doing yoga, playing board games, and being close to nature全ての自己紹介を見る


May 06 2021