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Jessica Bretherton

Jessica Bretherton

I am busy for 2 months, please book me in.
I'm an illustrator and designer currently working in-house for an amazing conservation organisation by day while busily working on my own creations by night. I graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Communication in 2017 and have since been lucky enough to work on all sorts of projects from surface patterns, to product and signage designs. I've even been known to whip up the occasional animation. I’m predominantly a digital illustrator and love using bright colours and lots of texture. Needless to say, I love critters and they pop up a lot in the work that I do. To me, animals are endlessly fascinating, and I enjoy creating characters and designs that showcase their amazing colours, textures and personalities. When I’m not drawing, you’ll likely find me baking, crafting, attempting to sew something (badly…) or curled up on the couch with my catView Full Bio

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