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Jiajia Hamner

Jiajia Hamner

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JiaJia was born in Beijing, China. At a young age, she crossed the Pacific Ocean and grew up in Canada. Despite studying physics at university, JiaJia’s love of drawing/painting won over. In 2015 she dedicated herself to illustration and has since had the chance to work on children’s books, commercial products, and infographics. She enjoys using a variety of traditional media but savors the versatility and flexibility of digital art. JiaJia loves to create illustrations that inspire people to improve their lives and prompt them to be curious explorers of the natural world. She is influenced by childhood memories of her native culture, an adoration of animals, and a fascination with the natural world. She currently lives in the Seattle metropolitan area with her husband and cat, but dreams of moving away from large cities to live in a tropical paradiseView Full Bio

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Artist Feature - JiaJia Hamner

Jun 15 2023

This month, Advocate is highlighting JiaJia Hamner as our featured artist. Starting out as a physicist, she’s has an exciting