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Josh Cleland

Josh Cleland

I'm really busy, ask my agent to check.
Josh Cleland has been drawing humorous cartoons, illustrations, and characters since he was a little kid growing up in Hillsboro, a small town outside of Portland, Oregon. In 2009 he began his professional design/illustration career. Since then, he has had the pleasure of working with Highlights Magazine, Storytime, Cottage Door Press, Wonderbly, and more. Josh also enjoys creating character-driven art for licensing and other markets. Some of his recent illustrated children's books include “FRIDGE-OPOLIS”, “THE END”, “Chomp Chomp Dino”, “Go, New York, Go!”, “Trick-or-Treat Songs”, and “Portland Baby”. Josh mostly works out of his studio in Hillsboro, Oregon where he resides with his wife and small dog/art director, Newman (who has only chewed up one Apple Pencil.View Full Bio

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Oct 20 2022

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