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아담 홀스풀 (Adam Horsepool)

아담 홀스풀 (Adam Horsepool)

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Adam Horsepool is a self taught illustrator and concept designer, who loves animation and visual development. His work is influenced by his illustration heroes, Dice Tsutsumi, Robert Kondo and Jeff Turley. When it comes to film, he definitely looks to Wes Anderson who really pushes artistic boundaries in all of his films. He has tonnes of “The Art of....”books to inspire and motivate him. He is committed to bringing quality illustration and concept art to a wide range of audiences through a variety of means and styles. Light, colour and texture are the driving forces in his work. Adam approached Advocate at the beginning of summer of 2016 and this has allowed him to achieve a dream of his: to illustrate a children's book. He has recently worked with flowerpot publishers to bring the classic books of Moby dick and King Arthur to life. He lives in Nottingham with his amazing partner and dog. When not at the drawing board, he really enjoys the outdoors and everything to do with food. 자기소개서 전문 보기

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Nov 28 2019