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알렉산더 아폰소 (Alexandre Affonso)

알렉산더 아폰소 (Alexandre Affonso)

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Alex is a full-time freelance illustrator and infographic artist currently working between São Paulo (Brazil) and Porto (Portugal), with more than 20 years of experience in the creative industry. After graduating with a degree in Advertising, he was selected for a program for young talents to work for a leading newspaper in Brazil, where he stayed for 8 years and learned the secrets of visual journalism. In the last 10 years, Alex has been working exclusively as a freelance and in this period he has expanded his field of work from journalism to cover advertising and textbooks. He aims to create a graphic work where visual elements replace texts, communicating ideas quickly and engagingly, translating a complex piece of information into something comprehensible even for a child. To achieve this self-motivated goal, he uses vector for 90% of his drawings, trying to be minimalist whenever it is possible, and uses a limited colour palette and basic geometric shapes. 자기소개서 전문 보기

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Artist feature - Alexandre Affonso

Jun 06 2017

Infographics take data and display it an a visual manner easy to understand, and being visual people here at Advocate,