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알라 배드사르 (Alla Badsar)

알라 배드사르 (Alla Badsar)

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My name is Alla Badsar, I’m an illustrator from Ukraine but currently based in Germany, working for clients internationally. Drawing is my favorite pastime from an early age. Since school, I studied at an art studio in Ukraine and it was for me as a second home. During my studies I participated in different competitions, it brought victories, pleasure and the desire to draw even better. I like to work in different styles, and in different areas. For example, I tried myself as a teacher of computer graphics in the institute, worked as a 2D illustrator in a computer games company, lately I'm a freelancer. I like to make illustrations both for children's books and for adults. This gives me a variety in creativity. In my spare time I create oil paintings. This for me as a spiritual holiday.자기소개서 전문 보기

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Artist Feature - Alla Badsar

May 09 2018

Advocate Art is so happy to announce that we have recently signed the wonderful Alla Badsar, who was recommended to